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District Media & Technology Services (DMTS) supports school, District Office and Community Education Staff in the operation and use of technology.

DMTS works closely with staff development and the Teaching and Learning staff to provide the hardware and software needed to implement the K-12 curriculum.

The incorporation of high tech resources into the teaching program is a major focus of the current teaching and learning goals. Computers are located in all classrooms and each school has computer labs. The district's telecommunications network provides staff and students with improved communications and access to voice, video and online learning resources.

Internet Safety

Students and employees shall have access to the Internet through their classroom, library, or school computer lab. Students and their parent(s) / guardian(s) must sign an acceptable use consent form to be granted access to the Internet via the Edina Public Schools computer network.

The Internet has become a valuable communication and learning tool for Edina staff and students. Here is a link to some Internet safety resources that the district has found to help make that learning experience a safe journey.

Technology Plan

The Revised District Long Range Technology Plan 5.14 outlines the technology needs for the Edina School District. This plan was created through a collaboration between various stakeholders that included students, teachers, administrators, parents, community members, industry experts and founded on current trends and research. Technology Vision Work 2011-2014

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