The Edina Activities Department provides a shuttle bus service between the two campuses at no charge to the athlete. There is no return shuttle at the end of practice.

Shuttle Bus 

2:40     Middle Schools dismissal time
2:45     Depart Valley View Door #16
2:54     Arrive at Edina Community Center – Door #3
            Arrive at South View – Door #1
3:00     Depart South View – Door #1
3:05     Arrive at Valley View Door #16
3:10     High School dismissal time
3:18     Depart Valley View Door #16
3:25     Arrive at Edina Community Center – Door #3

Activity Bus 

 4:30pm Activity Bus Routes 
"A" Activity Bus Route - Bus 59 "B" Activity Bus Route - Bus 32 "C" Activity Bus Route - Bus # Changes "D" Activity Bus Route - Bus 57
4:30pm Leave Valley View - Door 1 4:40pm Leave Southview - Door 3 4:40pm Leave Southview Door 3 4:30pm Leave Valleyview - Door 1
4:32pm Leave High School - Door 7     4:32pm Leave High School - Door 7
64th Street & Rolf Valley View Road & Concord Ave
58th Street & Wooddale Ave Tracy Ave & Olinger Blvd
63rd Street & Warren Ave Valley View Road & Wooddale Ave 58th Street & France Ave Tracy Ave & Benton Ave
Danens Dr & Duggan Plaza Valley View Road & 64th Street France Ave & Last House before Crosstown Benton Ave & Hansen Road
5400 W. 70th Street Southdale Road & 68th Street York Ave & Heritage Drive Benton Ave & Tingdale Ave
Cahill Road & Oak Glen Road Parklawn Ave & Parklawn Court 60th Street & York Ave
Cahill Road & W. 78th Street 4251 Parklawn Avenue 58th Street & Beard Ave
78th Street & Marth Court 7340 Gallagher Drive 54th Street & Halifax Ave
Gleason Road & Stonewood Court Hazelton Road & York Ave Halifax Ave & 51st Street
Gleason Road & Dewey Hill Road Frave Ave & 72nd Street W Arden Ave & Country Club Road
Sally Lane & Paiute Pass 72nd Street & Bristol Blvd Bridge Street & Drexel Ave
Sally Lane & West Trail 72nd Street & Cornelia Drive Bridge Street & Moorland Ave
 Oaklawn Ave & Gilford Drive  
Pawnee Road & Indian Hills Road Hibiscus Ave & West Shore Dr Drexel Ave & Sunnyside Road
Indian Hills Road & McCauley Trail S. West Shore Drive & Dunham Dr Grimes Ave & 44th Street
McCauley Trail W & Post Lane West Shore Dr & W. 70th Street Grimes Ave & Morningside Road
McCauley Trail W & Timber Ridge 66th Strret West & Brittany Rd Grimes Ave & 42nd Street
Vernon Ave & Tamarac Ave West Shore Drive & Laguna Drive 49th Street & Townes Road
Vernon Ave & View Lane Dunberry Lane & Wooddale Ave 50th Street & Dale Drive
Schaefer Rd & View Lane Dunberry Lane & Cornelia Dr.
Stauder Circle & Londonberry Road  
Parkwood Road & Telemark Trail
Parkwood Road & Larada Lane
Parkwood Roada & Schaefer Road
Parkwood Road & Blake Road
Saxony Road & W. Highwood Drive
Highwood Drive & Vernon Ave
Glengarry Pkwy & Ayshire Blvd
Mirror Lakes Drive & Northwood Drive
Rolling Green Pkwy & Annaway Drive
Merilane & Interlachen Blvd
Interlachen Blvd & Cooper Ave
Division Ave & Vandervork Ave
Division Ave & Brookside Ave 
William Ave &  51st Street
Grandview Ave & 53rd Street
Sherwood Ave & Richwood Drive
Vernon Ave & Villa Way
Vernon Ave & Hanson Road
56th Street & Code Ave                

Appropriate behavior is required for the privilege of riding the bus.