Personalized Learning

Edina Public Schools believes students must play an active role in what, when, where and how they learn to reach their full potential and be prepared for the dynamic world that awaits them. In order to allow all students to progressively advance ownership of their learning, Edina Public Schools will partner with families and the community to develop customized learning pathways that promote success for all students. By instilling a personalized learning philosophy throughout the organization, Edina Public Schools will be able to achieve its mission of educating all learners with the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society.

Definition of Personalized Learning
In Edina Public Schools, personalization affords the learner a degree of voice and choice about what is learned, when it is learned, and how it is learned. Personalization assists learners in identifying paths to master the highest standards possible by encouraging flexibility in learning with regard to time, place, pace and path. It places high value on learner-focused relationships, stimulating growth from dependent to independent learning as a student progresses through their educational experience in Edina Public Schools.

Edina Public Schools believes that Personalized Learning --
  • Motivates students to follow their interests and take ownership of their learning to their full potential
  • Encourages flexibility in when, where and how students learn
  • Redefines the role of teacher to that of a facilitator of learning rather than a deliverer of knowledge, both at the individual instructor level and as part of a collaborative professional team
  • Fosters relationships focused on individual learner needs among students, teachers and families
  • Provides opportunities for families and the community to engage with and promote learning both inside and outside the classroom
  • Modifies learning opportunities to continually challenge learners and encourage academic growth, while keeping success within reach
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What is Personalized Learning?

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