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      Aquatics FAQs

    • Q: Who do I contact with any additional questions about aquatics?
      A: Contact Kay Zuccaro, Aquatics Supervisor.  952-848-3965

      Q: Where are your pools located?

      • Valley view Middle School, 6750 Valley view Road
      • South view Middle School, 4725 South View Lane
      • Edinborough Park, 7700 York Ave S.

      Q: Are your swim instructors certified?
      A: Yes, all of our instructors are certified as American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors and certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.

      Q: Do you have a Lifeguard on duty during the swim lessons?
      A: Yes, our lifeguards are on duty during swim lessons and have certifications in American Red Cross Lifeguard Training/First Aid and American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.

      Q: How long does each swim lesson last?
      A: The preschool step a, preschool step b, level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 3b classes last for 30 minutes.  The upper level classes, level 4, level 5, level 6, WSA, and Guardstart last 45 minutes.

      Q: How many children are allowed in each level?

      • Preschool step a, preschool step b, level 1, and level 2 have a class limit of 5 children.
      • Level 3 and level 3b have a class limit of 6 children
      • Level 4, level 5, level 6, WSA, and Guardstart have a class limit of 8 children.

      Q: Can I do a make-up class if I miss my lesson?
      A: Unfortunately, there are no make-ups or refunds for missed lessons.

      Q: I know the minimum age to attend group lessons is 4 years old. What are my options if my child is age 1-4?
      A: If your child is between the ages of 1-4, you have the option to register for our parent-toddler swim lessons. This class helps your child become more comfortable in the water as they develop a readiness to swim. A parent or adult must be in the water with the child.

      Q: Will my child be “drown proofed” after taking swim lessons?
      A: No one is ever drown proof, even Michael Phelps (U.S. Olympic Swimmer). Utmost caution should be taken in and around the water at all times.

      Q: Do you have Diving Lessons?
      A: Yes, we offer Learn to Dive, Intermediate Diving and Competitive Diving lessons. The classes are taught by Edina Girls High School Coach, John Dailey.

      Q: Do you offer any water exercise classes?
      A: Yes, we offer Water Aerobics, Senior Water Aerobics, Deep Water Exercise, Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise, and Water Stretch and Tone. The classes are taught by Kay Zuccaro and Lavinia Pottios.

      Q: Do you offer adult swim lessons? 
      A: Yes, for more information and questions, call Kay Zuccaro at 952-848-3965.

      Q: Will my child have to repeat a level of swim lessons in order to master the swimming skills in that level? 
      A: It is VERY common for children to repeat a level in order to successfully pass all the required skills in that level. Learning to swim is a process that takes time, practice, and patience.

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