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     Edina Public Schools Customized Calendar
    Online calendars make it easy to access calendar information online, anytime. You can customize the calendar to view all calendars for your child(ren)’s schools at once and download the information to your personal or mobile calendar. See instructions below. 
    1. Visit edinaschools.org/calendar to view the district calendar or go to the calendar page of any of the school sites. From this calendar page, you can find all of your school’s events as well as customize your own calendar view events from all of Edina Public Schools (EPS).
    2. To customize your own calendar, simply click “Customize Calendar View,” located directly above the month and year of the calendar grid. With this customization feature, you can add or remove other school’s calendars, as well show or hide calendar categories, so that you can easily keep track of the events most important to you.
    3. To add additional schools, click on the pencil icon next to calendars and click “add/remove.” A pop-up window will appear allowing you to add or remove any school/program from your personalized calendar by checking or unchecking the box next to the school of your choosing. Once you are done adding schools click “I’m Done” to return to the calendar.
    4. To edit categories that will appear on your calendar, click the pencil icon next to categories. To remove any categories that you do not wish to see on your calendar, click the “x” next to that category. To add a category, click on “add/remove.” A pop-up window will appear allowing you to check/uncheck the categories will appear on your calendar. Once you are done, click “I’m Done” to return to your calendar.
    5. You can also migrate your EPS calendar to your iOS or Android device, or your Google, Microsoft Outlook, or other calendar program, by clicking on the iCAL icon near the top right of the calendar. Instructions on how to migrate your calendar to these platforms will be provided when you select the device or application to which you want to migrating your calendar.